320 Watt Indoor Industrial Power Supply



12V Indoor Drivers provide steady voltage and high efficiency for your LED lights. All our indoor 12V LED drivers are energy-efficient, eco-friendly. These style drivers are designed to be used only in a clean, dry environment indoors, and should be placed in an enclosure provided by the end user if the driver is used in dusty or humid environments. Our 12V LED power driver is highly efficient and provides extremely steady voltage. All of the LED drivers are solid state, which means they do not have any moving parts, will last longer than a switching power adapter, and draw power only when the attached LED light fixtures are turned on.

If you're working with a permanent low voltage LED lighting installation, it's vital to use an LED Driver that provides a steady current. The Driver/transformer is a hard-wired power source for your indoor LED lights that is typically placed behind a wall or ceiling or on top of a cabinet.

Our 12V DC Drivers are compatible with electrical systems from 85V to 264V AC, with frequencies of both 60 Hz (North and Central America) and 50 Hz (the rest of the world). Like all our products, these 12V drivers are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified.

For optimum performance, we recommend you do not load the power supply to more than 80% of its labeled rating.

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