Corner Style GAP-003 78" Long

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Aluminum strip light channels protect and provide light diffusion for all of Gap Supply’s non-waterproof LED strip lights, including models like RADIANCE, VIVID, BLAZE, INFERNO and color-changing RGB strip lights. Aluminum strip light channels protect LED strip lights and provide a rigid, dustproof housing that can be mounted on a surface — including Gap Supply LED light bars — or hung from a ceiling or other surface to replace out-of-date light fixtures. These lighting profiles are adjustable and can be combined if you are in need of a specific, unique length. These sturdy but lightweight channels are made of matte anodized aluminum and sold in 1 meter / 39 inch sections and 2 meter / 78 inch sections, and can help create sleek, completely customized LED strip lighting installations.

Each channel is made to accommodate a single aluminum strip light channel cover. Opt for a frosted strip light channel cover to diffuse and soften the illumination from your LED strip light, or go with a clear strip light channel cover to shield the LED strip light from dirt and debris without diffusing or lessening the light. The channel cover is easy to install: just slide it into the existing slot in the aluminum strip light channel.

Aluminum strip light channels can be installed on a flat horizontal or vertical surface with aluminum strip light channel mounting clips (sold separately). Channels that are surface-mounted can be sealed easily with aluminum strip light channel end caps (sold separately). When you are looking for the best option to upgrade your home’s light fixtures, LED is the new norm. Take a look at Gap Supply’s wide array of LED strip lighting, LED aluminum profiles, and lighting accessories to find exactly what you need today!

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