Mini LED RGB Amplifier



Everything you need to connect your RGB strip is included.

Includes: 1 RGB Amplifier and 2 Strip to Amplifier Connectors.

It can extend your RGB LED Control Signal an additional 4A per channel or 144W. This easily concealable RGB LED Signal Amplifier is the smallest on the market and can be used in a variety of RGB and single color LED Lighting applications to extend your PWM dimming signal. Use with LED Strip Lights, LED Modules, LED Spot Bulbs or any 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting Product. We recommend using no more than 130W of lights from this product to avoid over driving.

Model Mini RGB LED Signal Amplifier 12VDC 144W
Dimensions 1.5"L x 0.5"W x 0.2"H
9.0" Lead Wire
Type 4 Pin, 3 Loop, Common Anode
Constant Voltage DC Power 12VDC 4A per Channel Max
Watts 144W
Rating Dry
Warranty Period 1 Year

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