MINI LED RGB Amplifier

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LED RGB amplifier is used to extend the signal between strips of RGB lighting so that loss of signal dose occur. Technical parameters ● working temperature: -20-60℃ ● supply voltage: DC12V) ● output: 3 channels ● connection mode: common anode ● external dimension: L106.6ΧW65ΧH25mm ● packing size: L160ΧW95ΧH51mm ● net weight: 110g ● gross weight: 145g ● static power consumption: <1W ● output current: <4A(each channel) ● output power: 12V:<144W Direction for Use: According to the silk-screen prompts on the panel of LED RGB amplifier, connect input and output signal wires in order to ensure short circuit will not occur between wires, and then connect power for RGB amplifier, (RGB amplifier goes hand in hand with LED controller) We offer an extensive line of products for both the first-time Do-It-Yourselfer and the green-minded pro who strives to offer clients something special, unique and long-lasting. Involved projects demand specialized accessories and equipment to support them. You can count on our wide selection to find what you need. For instance, if you run a restaurant, club, bar, art gallery or any number of other venues, and would like to achieve elegant décor through lighting, you may need our RGB LED amplifier. An RGB controller can command up to 16 feet of RGB strip lights. But if you want to run more than 16 feet of strip lights on one RGB signal, you will need an RGB LED amplifier. How does it work? The RGB LED amplifier copies and extends the commands of your LED master controller. It is essential when lighting large areas or long projects/spaces, such as a lengthy, expansive bar. In a darkened room, your eyes are naturally drawn to the well-lit counter and shelves of liquor. In the right settings, LED lighting can impress so much more than a vase of flowers or attractive furnishings. Although the RGB LED amplifier is often used for commercial reasons, its compact design makes it just as easy to apply in small homes. At only 4 ounces, it’s also small and light enough to store nearly anywhere. Products are manufactured according to the strictest standards. The RGB LED amplifier, like our other products, holds the prestigious RoHS, or Restriction of Hazardous Substances, certification. This ensures that no environmentally harmful components were used in the manufacturing process.

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