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1 Zone Mini Wireless LED Dimmer

Now you can control separate LED lighting zones throughout your home without rewiring your LED lighting systems! This Mini Single Zone Dimmer does exactly that! It lets you control different zones independently with a single LED lighting control system.
If you want to control more than one zone, you will need to add additional receivers that will enable you to control independent zones.
The Mini Remote control LED light dimming system utilizes a strong RF signal that can travel through walls, ceilings, or glass and can be used up to 50 feet away.

What you get:

One Wireless Mini Round Dimmer for a single LED lighting zone.
This wireless control can work in any of the zones you set up. The unit has a special “Learning Capability” that will enable you to pair it to any of the RAZ-WR96 & RAZ-WR240 Receivers.

You can add as many additional receivers as you wish to create different control zones. Each lighting zone can have an endless number of receivers to each zone, allowing for large or small installations.

Functions Included:
- Memory function: Even if the unit loses power, it will remember all dimming settings. When your LED lighting control regains power, your settings will still be in place.
- Soft On and Off: Every time you turn your lights on or off, they will gradually illuminate or extinguish, rather than doing so instantly.

Technical details:
RAZ-1ZM Remote Control

- Lightweight Silver Finish
- Batteries Included (CR2025)+3V
- Individual control of different Zones
- ON/Off Button for one zone
- Dimmer control for one zone.

Easy Installation:

After you have wired all the receivers according to project requirements, you need to do the following:

1. If you use multiple receivers, you have 2 choices: Have all receivers in the same zone, like zone 1 for example, or have each receiver in a different zone, like Zone 1, 2 3, 4.

2. In order for each receiver to know what Zone it belongs to, you will need to "pair" it to the zone you wish to use. In order to do this, you need to power up the unit, and once that is done, you need to quickly and firmly press and release the learning button in the receiver:

Immediately after that you will need to quickly press and release the ON or OFF button on the remote control from the zone you wish to use. Once you do that, the Lights will Blink once. Now your Remote and receiver are paired!

3. Do the same for the other receivers if you use them.




To reset the receiver press and hold the “Learning” button until the lights blink 2 times.

You can now pair it to a different zone.



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