RAZ-QHUB WiFi QuattroHub



  • For medium- to large-scale LED lighting installations
  • Integrates with your existing WiFi network
  • Supports iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Control of up to eight lighting zones
  • Touch sensitive interface


The QuattroHub™ zone light control system works with single color, Quattro, and Chroma RGB(W) LED lighting via mobile device and Quattro and Chroma wall + mini controls. This RGB LED and color control system is used for medium to large-scale lighting projects and can be expanded exponentially with the use of the WiFi QuattroHub. Now you can easily integrate into your existing WiFi network for ultimate authority over your home’s LED lighting system. This control system is expandable up to eight zones when using the WiFi Mobile App, allowing zones to perform seamlessly in commercial or residential installations.

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