RGB INFERNO-X High Super Bright RGB LED Strip

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197" = 72Watts
Product Features:

The RGB INFERNO High Density RGB LED Strip Light offers all the same features and advantages as our BLAZE RGB LED Strip, but it's twice as bright!

And our brightest RGB strip is available in this 16.4 ft. spool. These multi-color LED lights for home or business use will bring a million colors and as much excitement to any room in the house. This strip is a better solution than standard RGB strips for lighting needs in large spaces or rooms in need of some extra LED light. Want to transform your living room, rec room or home entertainment center into a place for parties and special events? This full color light strip is perfect. Or do you need to add some drama to a large display case, shop window, restaurant or bar? With the use of one of our RGB LED color controllers, this super bright RGB strip makes for an easy, economical LED light solution. Maybe you have a special presentation or temporary display that needs to be not only eye-catching but portable: this strip light is lightweight, cuttable, and fully customizable.

We sell this strip by the 16.4 ft. INFERNO RGB strip by the reel comes with a 3M adhesive backing, so mounting the strip on a smooth, dry surface is as easy as peeling and sticking. Although twice as bright as standard strips, this high density color ribbon light consumesless than 5 Watts of electricity per foot, so it's energy-efficient in addition to being dynamic.

RGB Strip Lights are low profile and narrow, so they can go almost anywhere, and certainly in places that incandescent and fluorescent lights just don't fit. Unlike single color strips, multi-color LEDs require the Multi-Color LED Strip Splice Connector and a color controller (see above) between them and the power source, whether it's a plug-in 12V adapter or hard-wired driver. The use of an LED color controller unlocks the million color possibilities in each strip.

Input Voltage: 12V DC
Power Consumption: 4.8W / 406mA per ft.
Weight per spool: 8 oz.
Spool Length: 16.4 ft.
Width: 0.4 in.
Depth: 0.1 in.
0.5 in. (between edges)
Cuttable: every 2 in. / 3 LEDs

Bulbs per foot: 18
LED Spacing: 0.65 in. (between centers)
Bulb Type: 5050 SMD
Beam Angle: 100°

IP Rating: IP40
UV/IR Radiation: None
Lifespan: 50,000 hours