Tape Wire - 15 Feet




Surface mount, made for use over drywall, metal, wood, or other material

Gap Supply’s LED tape wire can be applied inside cabinets to avoid the use of staples.

Gap Supply’s double conductor tape wire is great for any low-voltage wiring system. Its creates a paint-ready type installation and completely eliminates the need to run wires behind walls. A super strong adhesive protected by a peel away backing ensures a secure grip on any surface. The copper foils are sandwiched between two layers of transparent tape, allowing the tape to be applied on bare metal. The exposed transparent tape has a matte finish allowing easy application and retention of paint. You’ll never have to plan a paint job after the installation of your new LED fixtures.

Several unique improvements have been incorporated into the design and manufacturing of the Gap Supply tape wire. The most significant is color-coding of the copper leads. This feature simplifies the installation wiring process and eliminates reversed polarity, meaning no complicated rewiring for your new LED lights.

Use a credit card or other hard plastic tool to smooth the tape wire out as you apply it to your desired surface. You can paint directly over the tape, or use drywall mud or spackle for a seamless look.

The main body of the tape is 5/8" wide with a total thickness of approximately .005" (about the thickness of 2 pieces of printer paper). The copper leads will carry up to 8 Amps of continuous current at 12-24VDC.

You can use the BLAZE/INFERNO snap connector or the Solder-On connector to attache to your LED strip or fixture.

Under-cabinet LED lights, strip lights, and LED accessories are all here at Gap Supply. Shop with us and find everything you need for your next lighting project in one place!

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